Date     News
Dec. 2023Two more OligoMaker 1536 sold to a big pharma company
Feb. 2023Next project will be to make a successful generational change or sale
Jan. 2023Sukru Atakan will be able to install and do on-site instruction
Jan. 2023We are now able to offer 7 different OligoMaker synthesizers from OM X12 to OM 1536
Dec. 2022First Oligomaker 1536 sold
Dec. 2022Oligomaker 1536 optimized with new software
Dec. 2022After a successful construction, the OligoMaker 1536 is the largest DNA/RNA synthesizer on the market
Aug. 2022Sukru Atakan, Ph.D. in Molecular biology and Genetics, is employed as a specialist on OligoMaker
Feb. 2019Introduction of accessories for post synthesis of oligos.
Jan. 2019New control system (wireless) is being testet in the lab.
Oct. 201710 year anniversary: First produced OligoMaker48 has been working daily for 10 years at TAG Copenhagen A/S.
Sep. 2016New program for insert of NHS-carboxy-dT + external synthesis is developed for special internal modifiers.
Jan. 2016First OligoMaker X12 is sold
Oct. 2015OligoMaker X12 is in production
Aug. 2015OligoMaker X12 is now in testing phase
Apr. 2015Short cartoon showing OligoMaker (browse cartoon)
Oct. 2014OligoMaker ApS is appointed as exclusive in Europe of all products from CTGen Inc. San José, CA, USA.
Sep. 2014Start of project OligoMaker X
Aug. 2014Start of project OligoMaker XY
Nov. 2013Network transfer available – All new OligoMaker synthesizers now have the ability to accept data from your choice of network connection or USB memory stick.
Mar. 2013New web-site launched
Jan. 2013New facility – We have moved to own and bigger manufacturing facility at Frederiksberg.
May 2012Updated program with a faster run time
May 2011OligoMaker on YouTube, short video showing how OligoMaker works (browse movie)
May 2009OligoMaker obtained the CE marking
Nov. 2008TAGC ApS has changed the name to OligoMaker ApS
Oct. 2007OligoMaker 48 is introduced in the production at TAG Copenhagen A/S.
Aug. 2007First assembled OligoMaker 48 is in testing phase.