TAG Copenhagen A/S

TAG Copenhagen A/S is the parent company of OligoMaker ApS. TAG Copenhagen A/S, established by Jakob Ross-Petersen in 1996, is a leading manufacturer of DNA/RNA oligonucleotides in Europe. TAG Copenhagen A/S and OligoMaker ApS are both based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Since 1996, TAG Copenhagen has developed and constantly improved new instrumentations for synthesizing DNA oligonucleotides. OligoMaker ApS takes care of the manufacturing, sales and marketing of the DNA synthesizers.

The two companies have together produced and delivered Discovery 96-well DNA synthesizer to several high through-put laboratories around the world as South Korea, Australia, UK, Finland, Singapore, Brazil and Germany.

Since 1996, TAG Copenhagen A/S has developed and refined the synthesis and work flow procedures for the manufacturing proces of DNA oligonucleotides. TAG Copenhagen A/S has developed a unique system for purification of 96 oligos in parallel long time before the commercial systems were introduced. Furthermore, TAG Copenhagen A/S was one of the first companies in Europe to introduce Quality Control by MALDI-TOF of all oligonucleotides, that today has become a standard by many manufacturers of oligonucleotides.

TAG Copenhagen A/S has a long time experience in the daily work with the following instruments for synthesizing DNA oligonucleotides:

  • Discovery 96-well DNA synthesizer
  • Expedite DNA/RNA synthesizer
  • ASM-700 DNA synthesizer
  • Polygen DNA synthesizer
  • ABI3900 DNA synthesizer
  • OligoMaker DNA synthesizer

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