Spare Parts

Parts from OligoMaker ApS will normally be in stock for shipping within 48 hours.

OM-1/16-0.5-5PTFP Tube  1/16” ID 0.5mm 5meach
OM-1/8-1-5PTFP Tube  1/8” ID 1mm 5meach
OM-Va-Bürkert                Reagent valve (Bürkert)each
OM-18-400Bottle Holder each
OM-20-400Bottle Holdereach
OM-22-400Bottle Holdereach
OM-45-400-2Bottle Holder 2 outputseach
OM-45-400-3Bottle Holder 3 outputseach
OM-O-ring-18O-ring bottle holder for OM-18-400each
OM-O-ring-20O-ring bottle holder for OM-20-400each
OM-O-ring-45  EPO-ring bottle holdereach
OM-O-ring-IO-ring inner (drain)each
OM-O-ring-LipO-ring outer (drain)each
OM-O-ring-RPO-ring reaction plateeach
OM-VP-KNF smallVacuum pump type KNFeach
OM-VP-KNF bigVacuum pump type KNFeach
OM-30-ml30ml bottles 18-400each
OM-60-ml60ml bottles 18-400each
OM-120-ml120ml bottles 22-400each
OM-180-ml180ml bottles 28-400each
OM-0,5-L0.5L bottles DIN 45each
OM-0,5-L1L bottles DIN 45each
OM-USBUSB stickeach
OM-To-pfTool for peek fittingeach
OM-To-tubCutting tool for tubingeach
OM-Sd-sScrewdriver smalleach
OM-Sd-TorxScrewdriver Torxeach
OM-T-HexHex Tool 2.5mmeach
OM-WWire D: 0,25mm  5meach
OM-F-SmallFilter small 1/16″ tubing 85µeach
OM-F-LargeFilter large 1/8″ tubing 25µeach
OM-PF-1/16Fitting Peek 1/16″each
OM-Fe-1/16Ferrule 1/16″each
OM-PF-1/8Fitting Peek 1/8″each
OM-Fe-1/8Ferrule 1/8″each
OM-PM-4:4Peek manifold 4 to 4each
OM-PM-2:4Peek manifold 2 to 4each
OM-PM-1:4Peek manifold 1 to 4each
OM-11-96-01-02   dC(ac) Columns 3900 40nmol100 pcs
OM-11-96-01-01   dA(bz) Columns 3900 40nmol100 pcs
OM-11-96-01-00   dG(dmf) Columns 3900 40nmol100 pcs
OM-11-96-01-06   T Columns 3900 40nmol100 pcs
OM-11-80-01-32dC(ac) Columns 3900 0,2umol50 pcs
OM-11-80-01-30dA(bz) Columns 3900 0,2umol50 pcs
OM-11-80-01-34dG(dmf) Columns 3900 0,2umol50 pcs
OM-11-80-01-35T Columns 3900 0,2umol50 pcs