DNA isolation kits

Lab Management Program – dOxy

dOxy Software is a complete software package for running a DNA synthesis lab. The dOxy is also designed for the modern high trough-put lab.

The software was introduced by TAG Copenhagen in 1996. The software is constantly improved with up-dates and new features. At present dOxy is in Version 11.1. The software controls several DNA synthesis labs in Europe and in Asia. It is tested with Korean, Chinese and Japanese characters.

dOxy manages all customers in a customer database. Settings can be made individually for each customer or for each company. Unlimited number of companies is handled with unlimited number of customers.

Orders can be imported from e-mails, web site or typed in manually from faxes. A separate Order Module allows customers to upload single or from excel sheet sequences directly into the database. The same order can contain oligos in different synthesis scales, modified/unmodified oligos and even different price groups.

Different instruments can be controlled from dOxy. Labels with all relevant information, Certificate of Analysis, address labels etc. are printed out from dOxy. dOxy is able to communicate with UV- and MassSpec instruments.

Invoices are created based on number of bases, scale of synthesis, purification, price group, individual discounts, individual persons in the same invoice etc.

It is possible to track statistic information using dOxy. Number of orders/oligos for an individual company, individual customer, number of orders this day/week/month/year etc.

dOxy runs on PC (Windows) or on Mac Computer. Use dOxy on individual computers with Internet connection.

dOxy is a cloud based database. The license is very moderate.