DNA synthesis workshop

DNA Synthesis Workshop…

We offer hands-on training in our lab for synthesis of DNA oligonucleotides (primers and probes). You and your colleagues, up to 5 persons, are invited to attend our intensive and most thoroughly understandable course in practical DNA synthesis. The course includes the synthesis of primers and probes, and the following purification of the products. We will demonstrate the three methods of purification: Desalting, RPC-purification and HPLC-purification. We will also give a short introduction of QC via MassSpec.

You will be introduced to the DNA synthesizer OligoMaker and its software. You will learn tricks and possible errors, when operating OligoMaker. You will also be introduced briefly to other DNA synthesizers, like ABI3900.
Our management program dOxy will be introduced to you during the workshop.

The price for the 3 day workshop will be 1000 EUR/day for the first person and 700 EUR/day for each additional participant. The price includes lunch at noon.

The participants are invited to bring sequences for primers and probes of their own to be synthesized during the workshop. Primers are included in the price – up to 10 primers for each participant. For probes (e.g. Fam-Tamra real time probes), synthesized during the workshop, list price for the probe will be added to the price of the workshop.
The workshop will take place in the lab of TAG Copenhagen A/S.We can be helpful with accommodation.
Please contact us for further information.