DNA isolation kits

Turn-key laboratory (DNA/RNA synthesis laboratory)…

OligoMaker together with TAG Copenhagen have the expertise to offer a personalized service, establishing working turn-key oligo laboratory (DNA/RNA synthesis laboratory) in partnership with our clients.

Turn-key oligo laboratory (DNA/RNA synthesis laboratory) designed by OligoMaker are entirely flexible and tailored to the needs of each partner, while at all times maintaining the maximum quality guarantee.

Installation and start-up of the turn-key oligo laboratory (DNA/RNA synthesis laboratory):

  • Physical Laboratory Set-up (preparation of rooms, installing workbenches, electrical outlets etc)
  • Instrument Installation and Calibration
  • Equipping Laboratory with Chemicals and Reagent
  • Scientific and Technical Training

Turn-key oligo laboratory (DNA/RNA synthesis laboratory):

  • Continuous Technical Support
  • Identification of Knowledge Gaps and Provision of Laboratory Staff Training
  • Continuous Logistical Support (providing consumables, reagents, new technologies, instrumentation etc.)
  • Additional Service Contracts after Warranties Expire