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Feb. 2020 – OligoMaker 1536 is now in testing phase

Feb. 2019 –  Introduction of accessories for post synthesis of oligos.

Jan. 2019 –  New control system (wireless) is being testet in the lab.

Oct. 2017 – 10 year anniversary: First produced OligoMaker 48 has been working daily for 10 years at     TAG Copenhagen A/S.

Sep. 2016 – New program for insert of NHS-carboxy-dT + external synthesis is developed                                                                for special internal modifiers.

Jan. 2016 – First OligoMaker X12 is sold

Oct. 2015 – OligoMaker X12 is in production

Aug. 2015 – OligoMaker X12 is now in testing phase

Apr. 2015 – Short cartoon showing OligoMaker (browse cartoon)

Oct. 2014 – OligoMaker ApS is appointed as exclusive in Europe of all products from CTGen Inc. San José, CA, USA.

Sep. 2014 – Start of project OligoMaker X

Aug. 2014 – Start of project OligoMaker XY

Nov. 2013 – Network transfer available – All new OligoMaker synthesizers now have the ability to accept data                                     from your choice of network connection or USB memory stick.

Mar. 2013 – New web-site launched

Jan. 2013 – New facility – We have moved to own and bigger manufacturing facility at Frederiksberg.

May 2012 – Updated program with a faster run time

May 2011 – OligoMaker on YouTube, short video showing how OligoMaker works (browse movie)

May 2009 – OligoMaker obtained the CE marking

Nov. 2008 – TAGC ApS has changed the name to OligoMaker ApS

Oct. 2007 – OligoMaker 48 is introduced in the production at TAG Copenhagen A/S.

Aug. 2007 – First assembled OligoMaker 48 is in testing phase.