DNA isolation kits

Oligo Synthesizer 96… 

The cost-effective DNA / RNA Synthesizer – OligoMaker – is available in five different models:

OligoMaker 96/6

The DNA / RNA Synthesizer OligoMaker 96/6 is a flexible 96-channel oligonucleotide synthesizer with 6 base positions, which easily can be upgraded to 15 base positions.

A special software enable you to interrupt the synthesis of oligos, and add new oligos to the run, and then continue. The OligoMaker 96/6 can synthesize 96 oligos in parallel (20-mer) within about 3 hours. The OligoMaker 96/6 can easily be upgraded to the OligoMaker 192 at any time.

(picture of OligoMaker 96/15).